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The „Must“ for Surgery of the Knee Joint!

6 different stable positions. In combination with a lateral post at the middle of the thigh one assistant becomes superfluous. X-ray transparent. Gets fixed under the sterile towels. 

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Swissmedic CH-201505-0035; Registered with the FDA 

The LegholderRX® allows stable positioning of the foot and the leg permitting surgery in 6 different knee joint positions without it being supported in the poplitea. Fixation is directly by Velcro belts around the OR table before prepping. This way of positioning in combination with a lateral thigh post is very helpful in open and arthroscopic knee surgery as arthroplasties, osteotomies, cruciate- meniscus- and patellar surgery. It replaces an as-sistant. Motion at the ankle joint is free.
The malleoli and the middle of the ankle joint are well palpable to set the axial alignment.
Because the LegholderRX® is made of X-ray trans-parent materials it is always possible to use the im-age intensifier and make intraoperative X-rays.
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• Dimensions: 490 x 240 x 200mm
• Weight: 3kg, inclusive 2 robust Velcro belts
• X ray transparency
• High grade stable plastic materials
• Resistant, latex free positioning
• Ease of cleaning, inert against common cleaning

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